About us

Incubator of Creative Sectors was appointed by the City of Szczecin. Its purpose is to respond to the needs of the third sector organizations within a field of culture. Our activity encompasses the assistance to non-governmental institutions that have only entered into the process of developing civil society. We help both the beginners (who will learn what to do to set up an association) and those already present in the NGO area. What is more, we offer office and floor surface at preferential rates together with the substantive support by means of workshops, consultations and networking meetings. Additionally, we suggest where to obtain financial resources and teach how to build the company image. Basically, we do anything we can so that your endeavours are not only enjoyable and effective but also noticeable and in accordance with the law.

Incubator of Creative Sectors is housed in a delightful villa at al. Wojska Polskiego 90 and is governed by the local Media Dizajn Association.

How can we help you

New organizations, people with vision, cultural animators or informal groups can get can our support in the field of infrastructure (renting office space, or the area for cultural events or workshops), marketing, free and individual consultations pertaining the accounting, and legal and financial issues. Further, we make available the office equipment, warehouse space and assets such as: exhibition system, easels and multimedia projector. If you don’t need a permanent office, we can provide you the correspondence address and/or a place to work in an open space system.

Representatives of the organizations can also participate in workshops prepared by Incubator of Creative Sectors, in cooperation with the panel of experts, including a possibility to complete a practice or meetings with lecturers, and spokesmen of the municipal institutions and non-governmental organizations.

We assist you as well in making business contacts at the initial and the hardest phase of your activity.

Our offer

Come and meet us in Incubator of Creative Sectors! Our mission is to support interesting civic initiatives and co-create favourable conditions for forming and developing non-governmental organizations and civic enterprises. Incubator is the place where new institutions and cultural endorsers can count on infrastructural backup as well as marketing, and advisory and educational assistance or the acquisition of new business contacts.

Our core activities entail providing access to office space and equipment and leasing useful assets (e.g. platforms, multimedia projectors, easels and frames). Within the infrastructural support Incubator offers the following services:

sharing correspondence address,
renting office space,
renting a desk in an open space system.
You don’t need an official seat or the correspondence address but you look for a room to organize workshops, a meeting or an event? In our Incubator you can temporarily hire a lecture or cinema hall – all at preferential rates (including weekends), affordable to the new institutions. We also have at our disposal accommodation area where your guests or partners can stay. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write, call or meet us. Additional information provided by Magda Roman (e-mail: mroman@mediadizajn.pl) phone: 0048 91 424 04 64).

What else is there?


Incubator of Creative Sectors offers a series of free workshops for non-governmental organizations, informal groups and cultural activists.

The subject matter of the courses encompasses project management and the art of presentation as well as the accountancy and basic financial analysis. All workshops are conducted by the experts from the specific field.

Examples of training courses topics:

  • ABC of project management,
  • Promotion for PLN 0,
  • Accountancy in NGOs,
  • Reporting rules and other obligations to KRS [Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy – National Court Register],
  • PR in NGOs,
  • Sponsorship of Culture,
  • Journalistic workshops with regard to radio performance,
  • Copyright.

Due to the limited number of seats the participants are required to register via application form on the Incubator’s internet site. 


In our organization we provide the substantive support in the field of law, accountancy and external funds acquisition. Make use of our consultations! We can help you find a suitable competition, specify an idea and dispel any doubts concerning the third sector.

The areas of support contain:

  • legal issues (including copyright),
  • accounting,
  • obtaining targeted funding,
  • promotion of the NGO’s activities.

To make it clear, though,we do not service tasks – only consultation. It means that we won’t draw up a license agreement for you but we will help you meet its legal requirements.

ATTENTION! Every month Incubator has to its disposal a limited numbers of consultation hours for NGOs so the order of entries matters!

160 m2 for cultural activities

Incubator of Creative Sectors offers a possibility to rent two conference rooms with a spacious hall as well as the cinema hall where you can present your films or stage a theatre performance. What is more, two multifunctional rooms can serve as a floor for exhibitions, debates, working meetings or artistic workshops. If you run a residential project and invite guests from outside Szczecin, make use of our guest rooms. Common space is available at preferential prices.

Price list:

Pricing fees for internal organizations (having their seat in INKU or using the open space system):
fireplace room, hall terrace / 1h – PLN 30
cinema hall / 1h – PLN 55
hotel rooms / PLN 60 per person

Pricing fees for external organizations (not connected with Incubator):
fireplace room, hall terrace / 1h – PLN 70
cinema hall / 1h – PLN 90
hotel rooms / PLN 90 per person


Our friends and partners

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More information

Szczecin Incubator for Culture is run by Media Dizajn Association. It was established in September 1, 2011 in order to carry out a public task:

“Administration of Incubator for Non-Governmental Organizations operating within the field of culture, art, protection of the cultural and national heritage in the building situated at al. Wojska Polskiego 90 in Szczecin”. The task was entrusted to the Association for the period of September 1, 2011 – December 31, 2013.

Media Dizajn Association applied in an open competition for the management of Szczecin Incubator for Culture for the period of January 1, 2014 – December 31, 2016. Media Dizajn Association won the competition for the second time.

Information for invoices/bills/payments

Media Dizajn Association
ul. Ks. Bp. Władysława Bandurskiego 96/23
71-685 Szczecin, POLAND

NIP: 851 30 81 841

REGON: 320 633 536

New account number

Name of the bank: BGŻ
Account number: 98 2030 0045 1110 0000 0256 2730

Office address/correspondence address

Szczecin Incubator for Culture / Media Dizajn Association
al. Wojska Polskiego 90
70-482 Szczecin, POLAND

tel. 91 424 04 64, 

e-mail: biuro@inkubatorkultury.szczecin.pl

Opening hours for Szczecin Incubator for Culture:

Monday – Friday: 8 A.M. -10 P.M.(INKU’s office is open from 8 A.M. until 6 P.M.)

UM Szczecin

Inkubator Sektorów Kreatywnych został powołany 1 września 2011 r. w celu realizacji zadania publicznego: „Prowadzenie Inkubatora dla Organizacji Pozarządowych działających w sferze kultury, sztuki, ochrony dóbr kultury i dziedzictwa narodowego, w budynku położonym przy al. Wojska Polskiego 90 w Szczecinie”.

Projekt finansowany z dotacji Gminy Miasto Szczecin


INKU Inkubator Sektorów Kreatywnych al. Wojska Polskiego 90 70-482 Szczecin
91 424 04 64

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